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Hello and welcome to my website! I teach all levels of English riding instruction from beginner to advanced. I teach at many of the local barns (Adamcin Quarter Horses, Bel Air Stables, Blue Banner Farm, Willow Woods Stable and also TROT-Therapeutic Riding of Tucson), so finding a location convenient for you isn't a problem. I also have school horses available if you don't have your own horse. I am available for clinics throughout Arizona and, schedule permitting, I will also consider out-of-state engagements.

I specialize in teaching the basics that improve your skills as a rider in dressage and jumping. My holistic approach focuses on maximizing the movement of both the horse and the rider. One of my favorite parts of teaching is watching the horse and rider partnerships develop and improve.  I also believe riders should take the opportunity to ride more than one horse to develop their skills and increase adaptability with other mounts of different levels and personalities.  All horses have something to teach us!

I encourage riders to try out good practices of self-care (massage, chiropractic work, exercise and interests beyond riding). Horses need us to be flexible, aligned, relaxed and strong. I believe that if riders can find what helps them be at their best, that this improves their riding and extends their years in the saddle. As a trainer, I ride many different types of horses but pilates and dance help me maximize my movement in order to improve my horse’s movement. I regularly practice yoga, use a pilates reformer, and enjoy ballroom and country dance. These activities help me maintain pain free riding with correct body alignment. I have also had the opportunity to train with an Alexander Technique Practitioner (Rochelle Reea, M.AmSAT, BA, Pain Relief Educator and Coach), who really opened my awareness in movement with horses, and with partners on the dance floor. Additionally, I encourage my students to provide for their horse’s emotional and physical well-being through correct saddle fit, consistent dental and health checks, advanced equine hoof care, chiropractic, and other bodywork.  Horses work hard for us and deserve the best we can give them!

Please contact me directly at 520-272-3355 with questions, and for lesson and clinic availability.

Thank you for stopping by!  Cathy

Lesson Fees:

On your own horse: $60.00 for 45 minute private lesson
On a school horse: $70.00 for 45 minute private lesson

Clinic Fees: available on weekdays and weekends, minimum number of rides seven/day

In Arizona, $75.00 for 45 minute lessons; Out-of-state, $125 for 45 minute lessons

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